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Sarah writes here 
02:35pm 30/06/2005
mood: I'm real sad
I miss Scotland. Let's all cry.
11:13am 27/04/2005
  Today in Kirriemuir, it is wet. Very, extremely, and totally wet. Small children have to swim to school.
This is something we can appreciate about Kirriemuir - We have very few droughts.
Another thing to appreciate is the fact that when it rains, the town changes colour. Yes, it's true! It goes from light red to dark red. Quite amazing.

Appreciate away.
11:05am 27/04/2005
  well hellllooooooo!

Who are you?
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07:38pm 26/04/2005
  I have created this community since I am all powerful, and also because my wonderful little town is always overlooked in favour of bigger, prettier and generally nicer towns such as Crieff.

This way, all can share in the wonder that is Kirriemuir, without having to actually travel here, and waste a lot of time and energy.
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